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​​​Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross

For nearly 40 years, the choir of the Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross has been directed by Dr. Josef Gulka, who also writes many of the unique and beautiful musical selections which define the sound of our Liturgy.

The custom arrangements, which weave all of the varied traditions of Orthodoxy, combined with the traditional music of the Divine Liturgy, enable our church to realize its core mission to exemplify a parish of inclusive American Orthodoxy.

The parish choir is comprised of members of our church ranging in ages from childhood to well into the senior years.   Their hard work and dedication to the singing of the Liturgy is evident to all visitors coming to our parish, who often comment on the spiritual beauty it brings to the service.

  • O Compassionate Father2:46
  • O Lord my God, my Savior2:44
  • Where True Charity and Love Dwells2:26
  • We Worship You, Jesus2:10
  • You Know Lord, the Secrets of our Hearts2:07
  • Truly I say to You3:24
  • Theotokos Virgin Rejoice1:10
  • Remember Me, O Lord2:47
  • O Lord my God, my Savior2:44
  • The Lord is my Light and my Salvation1:43
  • Arise, Shine (Nativity Sequence)19:01
  • Praise the Name of the Lord2:33
  • The Lord's Prayer1:25
  • O Compassionate Father2:46
  • Now the Powers4:15
  • My Soul Arise1:34
  • Lay up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven1:53
  • It is Truly Meet to Bless You, Theotokos1:14
  • Bless the Lord, O my Soul3:16
  • If Ye Love Me, Keep my Commandments1:42
  • I will Receive the Cup of Salvation2:15
  • I Have Called You2:51
  • He Humbled Himself1:32
  • David the King, was Grieved and Moved1:48
  • Come with Joyfulness1:45
  • Blessed are You O Lord, Teach me Your Statutes3:52
  • Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord3:02
  • Before Your Cross2:04
  • In Your Kingdom Remember us O Lord3:07
  • Lift up Your Eyes O Zion2:17
  • Christ the Lord is Risen again2:07
  • This is the Day of Resurrection2:28
  • Before the Dawn, Mary and the Women Came and Found the Stone0:58
  • In the Flesh, You fell asleep..2:00
  • The Lord Awoke, as One Asleep2:15
  • Into Your Hands I Command my Spirit2:26
  • We Bow Down, Before the Wood of Your Cross2:01
  • This is the Day of Resurrection2:02
  • I am the Resurrection and the Light, said the Lord1:11
  • Christ has Risen from the Dead2:11

  • Christ is Risen from the Dead2:11
  • I am the Resurrection1:11
  • Paschal Sequence2:02
  • This is the Day which the Lord has made2:39
  • The Lord Awoke2:15
  • Exaposteilarion2:00
  • Before the Dawn0:58
  • Kanon of Pascha2:28
  • Christ the Lord is Risen Again2:07

Playlist One: Various Church Hymns

Playlist Two: Hymns of Pascha

Our Choir

Below are a few selections of our music.  These offerings will continue to be expanded as we develop this site.

Our CD can be purchased at Church for $10

Selections from our Services:

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